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Silk Scarves

Tasar silk: a wild and ethical silk.

Tasar silk, also called Tussah silk or simply Tussah is the native silk of India. It is produced by a silkworm, Antheraea sp.

Unlike Murier silk (produced by Bombyx Mori L.), which is native to China, the Tasar silkworm cannot be grown on pre-picked leaves, and must grow on live, open trees. air and be often smothered. This is why Murier silk is today cultivated industrially, while Tussah remains a peasant or tribal culture. We have made the choice at Ethiquette not to sell Murier silk.

Why Tasar silk ?

Tasar silk is ethical silk by definition. Indeed, it can only be cultivated in the jungles of certain regions of Asia (especially East India), and therefore constitutes the means of subsistence of many tribal communities in India.

In addition, it has absolutely extraordinary characteristics:

     - Extremely resistant, it is often used for interiors (carpets, bedspreads, curtains etc.) and gives scarves or scarves with a much greater longevity than Murier silk, or cotton.

     - Malleable, Tussah can be spun and woven in a number of ways, giving it improbable, and very different, looks and textures. From the peach-skin silk scarf, to the raw silk scarf, through the wild silk tie or the thick bedspread, you can do anything with this fiber.

     - Its coppery reflections are particularly sought after by amateurs, especially in the West.

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